Minerals & Vitamins For Horses Come Close To What You May Already Be Using

In due consideration of your modern lifestyle, you have taken it upon yourself to educate yourself on what you can do to enhance or optimize your health and your ability to perform at a peak. But spare a thought or two for the animals. Spare a thought for the horses you are tending to and riding. They are so much larger than you. And while they may be a lot stronger than you, able to carry loads that you would never be able to, they need a lot more energy and vitality than you, just when you think about it.

horse vitamins and minerals

While you may already have a cocktail of minerals and vitamins in your medicine chest at home, you can also take it upon yourself to educate yourself about specially formulated horse vitamins and minerals that your horses should be taking. Why should they be taking these anyway? Well, for pretty much the same reasons that you are taking your supplements. You may well be giving them a good diet in line with the specialist veterinary surgeon's recommendations, but as he looks over his shoulder, you are putting your horses through quite a few extra paces.

Then again, with regular inspections by the specialist vet, he will soon notice whether any of your horses have been overworked. The usual recommendation will be made to grant that good stalwart a long overdue rest. But because the vet is more than likely commercially oriented just like you, he may well recommend these specially formulated horse vitamins and minerals. He appreciates the work you do, and it is good for his business too.

But a horse that cannot function as it should is not good business at all.