4 Occasions to Use a Dog Boarding Service

Dog boarding service is available for pet owners who want to make sure Fido is safe and protected when they're away. Although costs of services vary from one service to the next, it is reasonably priced and worth the expense for most homeowners. But, when would you find private dog suites penn yan ny? Here are four of the most common occasions people use dog boarding services.

1.    Vacation

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Whether you're going to be on vacation for a few days or for a few weeks, if you cannot take your pet with you, it is imperative to arrange care for him during this time. Many pet owners turn to boarding service so not to burden their friends or family with the care of their pet. If you're headed away for that much-needed R&R, consider a boarding facility for your pet.

2.    National Dog Day

National Dog Day is celebrated every August. It is a day to celebrate your furry friend in every way. A visit to a boarding center is one way to help him celebrate the fun festivities of the day.

3.    Long Days at the Office

When you're away at the office, Fido is left all alone to tend to himself, to entertain himself, and to mentally stimulate himself. It isn't always easy for a four-legged dog to accomplish this, especially if you're away for 8, 10 or 12 hours or more per day. A visit to a boarding service for the day gives your pet fun and freedom with companionship, too.

4.    Fun Day Out

Every dog needs other dogs to play with. If there are no other pets in the home or your pet doesn't get out in the neighborhood, the boarding center offers the chance for your pooch to meet and mingle with other pets and have an all about me day. Every pet deserves that time.