Controlling Your Pets’ Ticks Begins With Controlling Your Entire Environment

organic tick control

Your poor pets. Your poor dog. Not so much the cats because they are legendary in their ability to preen and clean themselves. They should be held up as a fine example to all creatures, including you. But it happens to these poor creatures too. The cats also get infected with ticks. It’s not their fault, and it’s certainly not the poor dog’s fault the next time he comes whining into the kitchen, trying to scratch himself free of flees.

So, don’t go yelling you dirty dog. That is grossly unfair and unkind. Instead, you should be scolding yourself, because at the heart of the matter of the poor animal’s flea or tick invasion is your environment. It could be pretty dirty and grotty for all we know. And that’s the root cause of the tick, flea and roach infestation. These beasts, they may be tiny, but they’re still beasts, prey on dirt, loads of it, if it can be helped.

It can be helped, so do something about it. Okay, you can’t do this on your own. You tried before and it was useless. You called in the local exterminator and he said he wiped them out clean. But before you knew it, they were all back again. No, that didn’t work. But this does. Give all these bugs and varmints a sweet surprise and treat them to their own special one. You’ll be giving your ticks your new organic tick control treatment, and you’ll be giving your roaches an organic wipeout as well.

The organic treatment works best because you’re not using any chemicals whatsoever. The pests are used to chemicals by now, and by the time you go organic, they won’t know what hit them.

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