It All Started With Little Horse Jumps

Baby steps is all where it begins. Before you learn to walk, first you must learn to crawl. That is how it all begins for the infant. And by the time the growing child has learned to walk steadily on its own two feet, see how quickly it starts to take off gleefully running and jumping. But it must never get too far. It is still too early and the child must still learn how to keep itself out of harm’s reach. But the birth of a colt is truly amazing.

kids horse jumps

Just as soon as its mother has given birth in the stable, the little horse is already on its four legs. It learns to steady itself almost from the word go. And after a few days of nursing, it is ready to trot along after its mum in the paddock. Someday in the future, this brave little horse will turn out to be quite a fine stallion indeed. But first it too must learn to run and jump, almost just like we did when we were small.

You can do this nicely by giving the little equine fellow its own horseback companion. How about one of your own growing kids then? Utilizing standard issue kids horse jumps, see how quickly the two of them hit it off. Someday in the future there will be no obstacle or barrier that they would not dare to approach and bound over. But it must always begin with those baby steps. You learn to crawl before you can walk.

Before you can run, you must walk. And then you can jump. But you will need your little sidekick of a colt to help you leap over this next obstacle. All good, seeing as though you had enough practice on those kids horse jumps.

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