Quick Demonstration Of How Horse Stall Set Up Today

Owners of a small equine stock perhaps pressured by financial constraints at this time should be relieved to know that the necessary enterprise of creating the most appropriate physical surroundings and shelters for the welfare of their animals has become a lot more affordable and accessible. These fine horse stalls have all the trappings of premier quality features and construction processes.

Affordable and accessible, these stalls utilize a modular system that allows users to set up their own stores easily enough. The modular horse stalls can be set up in a number of row configurations by using easy to use connectors. Go online and you will see both picture and video demonstrations on how these stalls are set up. All that can be given here in writing is the briefest of demonstrations. The lower four feet of the store is filled with two inches of supplied lumber.

A heavy gauge two inches of round tube framing is applied for extra strength and stability. Half of the supplied solid vertical rods are spaced three inches apart to allow for better ventilation and the viewing of the horse. All modular stores are fitted with a sliding door and a feeder door. The feeder door swings out easily and is low enough for children to use. Sliding doors have rollers fitted. These allow for the doors to glide easily with a minimum of effort.

horse stalls

Although it is optional, corner feeders can be attached to allow for horses to be fed from outside of the stall. Modular horse stalls supplied currently only come in gray. But what is there for customers to paint their stores in any color of their choosing. All good though, now that horse stalls are affordable and accessible.   

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